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Where to Read about Weird Laws and Customs

There are many weird laws out there in the world. These laws are alien to most of us, but it is wise to adhere to them as long as you are there. An example is you cannot leave the house without underwear in Thailand since that is illegal. Here are even more bizarre ones from other parts of the globe.
It is illegal to play the piano past midnight in Germany. Someone hated the sound of a piano at night that much, or whoever was playing was that terrible. It has remained a law up to now. It fortunately applies to only the piano.
In England, there are no Mute Swans on the menu, except the queen’s. She owns all of them, and only she can kill and eat them.
You cannot put ketchup on school cafeteria menus while in France. Some say it is for the preservation of their culture and also to promote the use of mayonnaise instead.
There are region in Italy where it is illegal to die. This is why they insist on annual checkups for residents. In case you miss it, there shall be a fine imposed on you.
In Singapore, if you are found littering, you will be forced to wear a t-shirt proclaiming your littering behavior. This is how they have kept their streets clean. You can learn more here about the prevention of littering.
You are not allowed to have only one goldfish in Switzerland. They see it as an act of cruelty to keep one animal in isolation. This is why people keep two or more.
If a club in Japan still has the patrons dancing and it is midnight, then they have to turn on the lights. This has to be the way or dancing past midnight would have been banned.
In China the idea of reincarnation is closely monitored by the government. There is widespread belief in the idea of reincarnation in the country. This is why you will need a reincarnation passport before your death.
In Vietnam, it is illegal to drive with no hands. As much as this is in good faith, the wording of the law allows for many interpretations. It does not clarify whether it refers to those with no hands, or to those who choose not to use theirs.
Your parents in South Korea reserve the right to call the cops on you if you play video games past midnight. At the same time, they can give you permission to do so if they please. Such leverage should be given to parents from other places.
There are even weirder laws out there. This site shall provide you with a chance to discover more about stranger things from the world.